Company Overview
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In 1979, the company was founded with Pete’s Performance, which was a small speed workshop. It began by building engines for customers as a hobby, and it has now grown to include selling, assembling, manufacturing and racing high performance engine parts. Over the years, the company has grown into a worldwide high performance powerhouse. Growing from a one-man bricks-and-mortar business; to now a supply chain in which entails more than +100 people all across the world. Today, Pete’s Performance has evolved into the internationally known Speedmaster: which has two major distribution centres; which are Sydney Speed Supplies Pty Ltd. located in Australia, and Procomp Electronics Inc. which is located in the United States of America.

Shake on It
Speedmaster back up every sale with our Handshake Guarantee: If our customers are not satisfied with our products or our service, we will refund their money; no ifs, ands, or buts. Just return any new or unused part within the Speedmaster Limited warranty of the shipping date and we will refund the purchase price.

Kick Goals
Our Goals are. Become the most experience-based’ company. Create an engaged and innovative workforce. Be agile and ahead of technological changes. Break as many records as possible; both on and off the track.

Supply & Demand
Speedmaster has two major distribution centres. One in California USA and one in Sydney AUS. In Rialto California, Procomp Electronics is the sole distributor for all Speedmaster products, boasting a 75,000sq feet facility. In Sydney Australia Speedmaster is distributed by Sydney Speed Supplies. With having two solid distribution centres located globally, delivering any package to any part of the world can be done easily and efficiently.

Speedmaster Passport

Procomp Electronics Inc.

Procomp Electronics is an International Company that was established in 1979. Our product line is quite diverse, having grown from a line of Distributors 30 years ago, to a current product range that covers everything from Aluminum Cylinder Heads to Powder Coated A-arms and even Turn-Key EFI systems! We’re growing rapidly and vow to bring even more affordable speed parts, shipping worldwide from our brand new 75,000+sq.ft. warehouse in Rialto, California.

Not the type to rest on our laurels, we are constantly striving to excel in a competitive market. This over-achieving work ethic shows up in everything we do. Recently, our company played host to The Brightest Star, a charity founded on improving the lives of foster children in the Rialto, California area. We had nearly 100 show/ race cars on hand as well as thousands of spectators who helped us raise money for this charity. The event went over so well, we have decided to make the fundraiser an annual event!

As we look forward to the future, we plan to parlay our involvement with top level racers like Mike Strasburg, John Zappia and Darren Morgan, into new products for our customers to enjoy. You’ll find our products on everything from Pro-Mod cars to show cars competing for the Riddler Award! Please give our qualified sales and tech staff a call, they’ll be glad to help you find the right part at a great price.

After all, our slogan is “We make Racing Affordable!”
It's all about quality
At Procomp Electronics we take quality seriously, setting new industry standards for in-house quality control. Our Engineering and Quality Control staff are dedicated and educated in their craft to ensure that the products we offer are designed and manufactured to the highest specifications in the industry.
We’re the best in the industry at what we do and we stand behind our products.

Sydney Speed Supplies Pty Ltd.

Sydney Speed Supplies has been around since 1979. During this time Sydney Speed Supplies has gained market share through delivering high levels of customer service and products in which are of value. Some brands have been exclusive to Sydney Speed Supplies during past 30 years; for example Milodon, Speedmaster, Procomp Electronics, TurnKey EFI, Procomp Black Label and ProFD. However, in saying that Sydney Speed Supplies also stock MSD, ARP, Clevite, BAE, Moroso, B&M, Edelbrock and other brands in which they deliver to the public at competitive prices.

However, even though we believe that all the theory in the world is a good basis for the research and development, we also believe that just as much importance should be placed on the track. That is how we learn more about our products, whether it be when we take out our Top Fuel Dragster or daily street driven cars out to the track. Therefore, thanks to test and tune, when it comes to production our engineers are able to identify areas in which could further improve your results, so when it comes to improving your elapsed time, we are able to provide our customers with the confidence and the greatest competitive advantage when staging for a race or going to the grocery shop.

Furthermore, our customers often have access to traditional options but they are looking for the next generation performance company - one that is innovative, honest, and easy to work with. These guiding principles are at the very core of our mission and are the main reason for our success today!
You want it! We Build it!
Sydney Speed Supplies, setting new industry standards for in-house quality control. Our Engineering and Quality Control staff are dedicated and educated in their craft to ensure that the products we offer are designed and manufactured to the highest specifications in the industry.
Delivering High Level of Customer Service and Products.