Chevy SBC 350 205cc 59cc Straight CNC Chamber Aluminum Bare Cylinder Head

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Part Number:PCE281.1197
Part Type:Cylinder Heads
Cylinder Head Style:Bare
Cylinder Head Material:Aluminum
Cylinder Head Finish:Natural
Combustion Chamber Volume (cc):59 cc
CNC-Machined Combustion Chamber:Yes
Intake Runner Volume (cc):205 cc
Exhaust Runner Volume (cc):n/a
CNC-Machined Intake Runner:No
CNC-Machined Exhaust Runner:No
Intake Port Shape:Square
Intake Port Location:Standard
Exhaust Port Shape:Square
Exhaust Port Location:Standard
Spark Plug Style:Straight
Comp. Valve Job:No
Intake Valves Included:No
Intake Valve Diameter (in):2.020 in.
Exhaust Valves Included:No
Exhaust Valve Diameter (in):1.600 in.
Valve Springs Included:No
Damper Spring Included:No
Retainers Included:No
Locks Included:No
Valve Stem Seals Included:No
Rocker Arm Studs Included:No
Rocker Arms Included:No
Rocker Arm Nuts Included:No
Guideplates Included:No
Valve Cover Mounting Style:Center & Perimeter Bolt
Accessory Bolt Holes Drilled:Yes
Intake Valve Angle:23 deg.
Exhaust Valve Angle:23 deg.
Valve Guides Included:Yes
Valve Guide Material:Bronze
Valve Seats Machined:Yes
Valve Seat Machine Style:3-angle
Valve Seat Material:Ductile iron
Steam Holes Drilled:No
Oiling Style:Through pushrod
Machined for O-Ring:No
Heat Crossover:No
Quantity:Sold individually.
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All PCE 23deg. Small Block Chevy heads are available with Straight or Angled sparkplugs. Standard valve sizes are 2.020" Intake, and 1.60" Exhaust, both +.100" length. While the 2.02" valves are standard issue, all of our 23deg. aluminum heads can accept a 2.05" intake valve with minimal additional work. Some of our CNC ported heads (PCE281.1354-1448) are designed around 2.05" Intake valves. Our cast iron heads use 1.94" intake valves, and 1.50" exhaust valves. For those racers looking for a head with 800+hp potential, step up to our new 15deg heads! These heads have room for huge 2.180"-2.200" intake valves. We even have the matching rockers!

PCE CNC ported cylinder heads are machined on dedicated 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machining centers to ensure accuracy and cost effectiveness.

Combustion Chamber, Exhaust and Intake Ports all fully CNC machined for better flow. CNC combustion chambers offer superior control over flame travel and quench area. CNC Ported heads eliminate human error and variation from port to port. Unsurpassed repeatability from one cylinder head to another that is commonly found in "Hand porting & Polishing"

Combustion chambers are exact in volume - so every cylinder has the same compression ratio. Each port is the same cross section - so every cylinder can reach higher true RPM potential. CNC machining produces ports and chambers to within tolerances of no more than .002"; in turn every cylinder can reach the same power potential and accurate tuning.

The head gasket we recommend for our 23deg. heads used on 327/350/383/400 SBC engines without steam holes is Felpro #1003. On engines using the GM 400 block, or aftermarket blocks with steam holes, use PCE PCE348.1006 or Felpro #1014.

Our heads are manufactured with both the conventional intake manifold bolt pattern, and the Vortec bolt pattern. If you're installing a Vortec manifold, use Felpro #1255 gaskets. If you are using a convential intake manifold, use PCE PCE349.1002 or Felpro #1266 gaskets.

Our aluminum 23deg. heads typically use +.100" (longer than stock) pushrods, Depending on the components used, it is possible that you may need pushrods shorter or longer than that so we recommend that you use an adjustable pushrod to dial in your rocker geometry and order pushrods to match.

All PCE 23deg. SBC heads use standard 14mm. x 750" reach, 5/8 hex, gasket seat sparkplugs like NGK R5671A-7, Autolite 3924, Champion RC12YC, etc. Remember that higher compression/ boost require a colder heat range sparkplug.

Our 23 degree heads utilize standard head bolts or studs. Our part number for head bolts is PCE279.1002, and the head studs are PCE279.1001. For the 15 degree heads, we recommend SM2451-15DEG. headstud kit with 3/8" reduced shank on the studs between intake ports. The ARP head bolt part number is 134-3601, and ARP head studs 234-4301 for the 23 degree heads. ARP also makes a head stud kit that is compatible with our 15deg. heads on cast iron blocks with part number 234-4723.

We recomend the use of our Exhaust gaskets # SM5120 or Fel-Pro #1405 on our 23 degree heads. On our 15 degree heads, use SM5121 or Fel-Pro #1409.

Brand Information

Founded in Sydney Australia with one CNC Machine increasing to sixty 5-Axis CNC machines before being acquired in 2013. The Company’s main focus has always been "Speed to Market", launching 1,200+ new products each year. Needing just one month to develop a new product and get it on to the shelf, compared to the six-month industry average. PCE has a policy of zero advertising, preferring to invest a percentage of revenues in new product development. These products being white-labeled to most of the biggest brands in the business.

Prop 65 Warning

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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