Multiple Spark CDI 6AL Ignition Box 2 Rev Lim (2x Rotary switches) Black

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The entire line of PCE Ignitions is the most popular aftermarket ignition in the world due to our race-proven performance on and off the track.
The increased voltage that the PCE puts across the plug gap will improve the driveability and performance of everyday drivers to Saturday night racers!
The 6AL Ignition can be installed on 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines equipped with a 12 volt, negative ground electrical system and a distributor.
They can be triggered by points, electronic amplifiers, magnetic pickups and other aftermarket distributors.

PCE 6AL uses capacitive discharge (CD) technology to produce a very high primary voltage.
This high voltage is always present regardless if you?re at idle or racing down a straight away at 10,000 rpm.
The high quality transformer is hand wound and instantly steps up the supply voltage from the battery then stores this high voltage in a large capacitor.
When the ignition is triggered the capacitor releases all of this voltage to the coil so the primary voltage is at full power at any rpm.
These high powered sparks ensure complete combustion of the fuel mixture at racing rpm which in turn produces more power!

PCE 6AL Ignitions produce multiple sparks up to at least 3,000 rpm.
This series of sparks (each spark is at full voltage), whether there are two or six, will always last for 20' of crankshaft rotation.
This powerful series will improve the starting ability, idle quality & throttle response.
If you have a multiple carb set up that is a little off at idle or an engine that burns a little oil, the spark series will help prevent the cylinders loading up.
At higher rpm there isn?t enough time to fire the plug more than once during the combustion stroke so there is only a single full power spark.
With the PCE 6AL CD technology, this spark is always at full power even through 10,000+ rpm so you know the fuel mixture is being burned efficiently, creating maximum power!

PCE 6AL Soft Touch circuitry produces an accurate and smooth limit without loading up the cylinders or excessive back fires.
Even if your car is a mild street machine, a rev limiter can save you from expensive engine damage due to driveline failure or a missed shift.

You can run an PCE 6AL Ignition with your stock distributor, then upgrade to a Pro-Billet model or even a crank trigger.
You don?t have to buy everything at once or spend money on features that you will never use.


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Founded in Sydney Australia with one CNC Machine increasing to sixty 5-Axis CNC machines before being acquired in 2013. The Company’s main focus has always been "Speed to Market", launching 1,200+ new products each year. Needing just one month to develop a new product and get it on to the shelf, compared to the six-month industry average. PCE has a policy of zero advertising, preferring to invest a percentage of revenues in new product development. These products being white-labeled to most of the biggest brands in the business.

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WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit www.P65warnings.ca.gov

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