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Speedmaster 2017 Highlights

With notable achievements and display of strong innovation, ongoing product development and consistency in 2017, Speedmaster is ready to move towards an exciting 2018. Being listed 34th in the top 100 online retailer in Australia and solidifying their place as top automotive aftermarket brand, Speedmaster’s position in the automotive market is stronger than ever. 


Speedmaster had a record breaking year by receiving their 9th SEMA Global Media award in 8 years at SEMA show, Las Vegas and being 1 of 5 finalists in 2 categories at Online Retail Industry Award. Jason Kencevski (CEO) states “It is very humbling to be associated with companies that we admire and respect. Receiving our 9th SEMA Award and to be highly regarded as an online retailer is a major achievement”. 

The motivation of being driven by the three pillar philosophy (People, Products and Approach), Speedmaster has introduced the latest product patent El Rayo, manufactured the first Speedmaster car and released the Speedmaster Tools mobile application. 

The El Rayo will be issued with its product patent trademark early January 2018. Speedmaster takes pride amongst their team by designing exclusive and unique items that combine the brands identity to customers.

The Speedmaster™ Daytona Blackbird is the first of many custom cars that will be manufactured. The major shift into manufacturing parts to custom cars offers customers a complete Speedmaster product showcasing all the DNA components in it.

The Speedmaster Tools App is designed for car enthusiasts to maximise their car performance by using a set of car calculators as a guide. With over 150,000 online selling SKUs, the world’s only major parts manufacturer to equip cars from Standard replacement to Top Fuel Dragsters. 

Speedmaster’s CEO, Jason Kencevski has made his mark in the industry this year by being recognized as top 50 ecommerce executives at Internet Retailing 2017 and was invited to speak alongside other top business executives at the CEO Leadership, Innovation and Diversity Symposium in New York. 

Jason Kencevski (CEO) states "I was proud to showcase some of the new and innovative items that Speedmaster has been working on over the last few years. The Speedmaster team has set out for a new 10 year plan, one example being the release of the Speedmaster™ Blackbird. I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with everyone along the way".



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